Reservation Policy

RESERVATIONS require a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of the 1st night’s stay. Your balance is due upon arrival. You must be 21 yrs or older to rent a cabin, check in, and stay at our cabins. We cannot hold a cabin without a deposit.
MINIMUM NIGHT STAY– 3 nights stay required for Summer and Holiday bookings (Easter, Spring Break, and Thanksgiving) 2 night stay all other times.
CHANGES: With 30 day advance notice, we may be able to transfer your deposit (1 time) to a different date (3 month window) or cabin.
LATE ARRIVALS: If you arrive after hours, your cabin key and map will be hanging on a bulletin board in the rental office waiting area, which is open 24/7, lighted, has WIFI, a local phone, and emergency #’s posted. AT&T is currently the only service provider in our area.
We do not allow tents, RV hookups, or allowing more than the specified number of persons for your cabin.
BEDS- Every bed has a mattress protector, bedspread, and pillows. You need to bring sheets, pillow cases, kitchen and bath towels. If you need to rent linens, contact the office in advance. Rental is $10 per bed set (top & bottom sheet, 2 pillow cases) and $5 per towel set (1 bath & 1 hand towel, 1 wash cloth). You will also need extra paper towels and toilet paper.
EXTRA FEES– PETS $25 per pet. If a cabin is left excessively dirty, dishes left unwashed, anything stolen (including pillows, or blankets) or any other damages your credit card will be charged additional fees. All cabins are NONSMOKING. If you smoke, keep all butts picked up. If the cabin smells like smoke or has been smoked in, the cleaning fee is equal to 1 night’s stay.
Please report any maintenance, safety, or cleaning issues to the office so they may be addressed. After Hours Staff- Rachael 830-591-9949 call or text

Mid-Season  March 1-May 20, 2020 & March 1- May 26, 2021
Summer        May 21-Sept. 6, 2020 & May 27, 2021- Sept. 5, 2021
Mid-Season  Sept. 7-30, 2020 & Sept. 6-30, 2021
Off-Season   Oct. 1, 2020-Feb. 28, 2021 & Oct. 1, 2021- Feb. 28, 2022

Check In/Check Out Times- Check out time is 12:00    Check in time is 4: 00 pm  (There is a possibility of checking in earlier, just check with the office to see if that is possible, especially in the off-season and mid-season)

Minimum night stay: Peak season, Spring Break, and Easter requires a three (3) night reservation. Winter and mid season requires a two (2) night stay. Occasionally we will book a two night stay in the summer or even a one night stay when needed. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Problems: If there is ever any problem during your stay, it must be reported immediately to the office or our after hours numbers so we can solve it as efficiently as possible. Sometime things may happen during your stay which is out of our control, for example‐ an AC may freeze up, or a septic may back up, a refrigerator may not cool, or you may experience ants or other wildlife. We will always do everything in our power to correct the situation, but that does not mean we will offer discounts, because it would be too difficult to apply it fairly from situation to situation.
We realize that many times you invite friends / family to share your vacation; however the person making the reservation is the one responsible for paying for the unit and for any charges incurred during the stay.

Pet Policy

At River Oaks Resort, we welcome all well‐behaved pets. Please inform the office of the number of pets you have upon arrival so we can collect the  $25 fee and issue a tag.  To ensure a great trip with your furry friend, please adhere to the following guidelines:

The pet fee does not apply to service animals covered under ADA.  Emotional support animals and therapy animals must pay the pet fee and adhere to all rules.

·       River Oaks charges a one-time, per pet/per stay, non-refundable, $25 fee for allowing pets in your cabin.

·       Pets should be on a leash when outside the cabin, on the property.

·       Pet owners are responsible for clean-up of all pet waste.

·       The pet owner is responsible if the pet causes any damage to the cabin.

·       The pet owner confirms that the pet(s) has all required and up to date vaccinations, and does not carry fleas or ticks.

·       The pet owner must ensure that the pet does not disturb other guests or make excessive noise.

·       Pets are not allowed to sleep in cabin beds, on cabin linens, or on futons.

·       Do not bath your pets in the sink or bathtub in you cabin.


Party Policy

Quiet time after 11:00 pm, please. All noisy outdoor activities should cease by 11:00 pm. Any complaints by other guests, staff or neighbors of excessive outside noise after 11:00 will result in you being asked to leave the property immediately with no refund and the authorities will be called. We do not allow any illegal behavior such as drug use or underage drinking. We will call the Sheriff’s Department immediately if we suspect illegal activity. We want you to have a good time, but you must follow all laws, and be respectful of your neighbors and our property.


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